This started as three haphazard Pinterest boards focused on books about animals or those written from an animal’s point of view, but it wasn’t quite what I envisioned. I wanted to see the short descriptions without having to click on each image. And thus this site was born.

There are no reviews, but I’ve either read the books or vetted them through research on GoodReads and then going to Amazon, using its “Look Inside” preview to get a sense of how well the author writes. In other words, it’s a handpicked list.

Given that the classics that sell year in and year out no longer land on bestseller lists, I’ve given a lot of weight to them lest they be forgotten. A fifty-year-old book isn’t the lesser because it was written fifty years ago.

If you have a choice between “War and Peace” and “Watership Down,” will you quickly choose the latter? Yes? Then this site is for you.