They Rescue Cats and Write Books


Bedridden for six months with a recalcitrant back, I watched TV, wandered the internet, read voraciously, and–why not?–wrote a book. Animal Planet was showing all the “My Cat from Hell” episodes where Jackson Galaxy (aka Cat Daddy) made life better for troubled cats and people troubled by their troubled cats who were mostly troubled by their people. It inspired me to go on a journey for others like him.


“Cat Daddy: What the World’s Most Incorrigible Cat Taught Me About Life, Love, and Coming Clean” by Jackson Galaxy
Jackson Galaxy is an excellent writer whether he’s writing about animals or about himself or both. He’s a man who slid down into the deepest of holes and then crept back up and out with some help from a feline. He wrote a riveting book about it with excruciating honesty, and even if we haven’t experienced the same things, Jackson’s writing touches on familiar emotions that are relatable. Then there’s Benny, the cat with his own troubles and who accompanied Jackson on the way back up. Click the book image to go to Amazon where you can “Look inside” to read the beginning. You may find, as I did, that you want to read the rest of the book.
Also by Jackson:
“Total Cat Mojo”
“Catify to Satisfy”

I first “met” Hannah Shaw, aka Kitten Lady, when she and Jackson Galaxy teamed up to transport 50 kittens from an overcrowded California rescue center to one in Colorado where there was room at the inn. Can you imagine taking charge of 50 kittens in a van? Fifty kittens in need of food, cleaning, and soothing? It was an adventure well-suited to Hannah, whose heart is in nurturing and saving kittens and in finding homes for them when they’re ready to grow into vital, beautiful cats.

“Tiny but Mighty” by Hannah Shaw
This is Hannah’s tale, the one about how it began, about her and the kittens she fosters, about helping them survive and thrive so they can land in a place where they’ll be loved and happy. A quote from Hannah reveals what’s so very special about her: “You’re literally looking at a little life in the palm of your hand and knowing that there are so many other little lives like that who are out there in need of love and support and care.”

For children:
“Kitten Lady’s Big Book of Little Kittens”

If you’ve never seen “Saving Munay, the Machu Picchu Kitten”, then it’s long past time you did. There’s a lot more of Kitten Lady on her YouTube channel.

I highlighted Gwen Cooper’s bestselling “Homer’s Odyssey” previously, but her book about a blind kitten she adopted in spite of being told he wouldn’t survive deserves being mentioned again. If you loved that book, you were probably sorry when it ended. It didn’t. there’s more:

“Homer, the Ninth Life of a Blind Wonder Cat” by Gwen Cooper
There were more tales to tell than what appeared in “Homer’s Odyssey,” and here they are for you to lap up, laugh at, and make you fall in love all over again.

Watch the video of how Dean Nicholson was adopted by a kitten during the first part of his biking journey around the world. You’ll be hooked and want to read the full story of Dean and Nala. She grew into a sophisticated world traveler who is now featured in a book:

“Nala’s World” by Dean Nicholson
Nala and Dean went viral (1bike1world) while he was still on a bike journey to see the world. On the way, one little kitten whose life hung in the balance knew three things: she wanted to live, she wanted to live with Dean Nicholson, and she wanted to see the world with him. This is about a man and a cat, both with the spirit of adventure, each rescuing the other. I loved the book, and you probably will too.

I’ve rescued a few cats in my life, so may I take a bow? Yes? Okay, here it is:

Whispers in the Forest” by Barbara Coultry
Honey, a calico with pastel islands of color, lived with her mother and grandmother in the loft of a barn where there were hay bales to climb, warm sunbeams, the comforting sounds of cows in from the pasture for the night, and her best friend Chaser, a border collie. The cats and the dog were “whisperers,” rare breeds who spoke with one another with a sound like that of a soft breeze. Honey knew only happiness until she was half-grown and she lost all of it.

Born in a safe place Honey found with the help of Chaser, her kitten Pilgrim tells the story of his mother, his sister, and himself after that safe place betrayed them and the little family went in search of what they called a peaceful clearing in the forest, a place where they’d be safe and where happiness would return.

It’s a tale of growing up, of danger and laughter, of love and yearning, of enemies and friends, but it’s a bit more than that too. It’s about the essence happiness, about a peaceful clearing.

They haven’t written books yet, but you’ll love them:

Flatbush Cats

After moving to the Flatbush area of Brooklyn, Will Zweigart saw how many homeless cats wandered the streets and he set out to help them. He now runs Flatbush Cats, a 501c organization, and with the help of volunteers, he rescues cats by caring for them, finding foster homes, and by using TNR to help reduce the size of the cat colonies. Visit the web site and the YouTube video channel

Chris Poole

Chris Poole is Cat Man Chris where he shows videos of rescues he’s made on his own and with others.
Cole and Marmalade are his internet star cats whom you can’t help but love because of their wonderful senses of humor egged on by the humans they own.

Walter Santi

Walter Santi is the combined names of a dog and a cat owned by someone whose actual name I haven’t been able to find, but the YouTube channel is so much fun to watch. It’s filled with videos of homeless cats who’ve come to live in a garden with people who care for them and love them. You’ll learn the story of each cat, brief stories told in as little as a single sentence.

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