Pandemic Itch and The Dodo

The pandemic made me restless, incapable of sitting long enough to read a book. Did it do this to you too? I needed activity, any kind of activity. So I…

grew an indoor herb garden


baked wondrous breads


brewed my own flavor extracts


cleaned closets and threw out things I’ll probably be sorry I threw out


revived my old sewing hobby (bonus: I had to overhaul half the basement).

Instead of reading in bed every evening as I’d always done, I watched sewing tutorials on YouTube. When I was close to running out of good ones, a friend recommended The Dodo and its YouTube channel, both of which are filled with feel-good stories about animals (and their people), happily-ever-after tales to make you smile or laugh or maybe even bring a tear to your eye.

Here are two of my growing number of favorites:

If, unlike me, you never stopped reading at all, I promise you’re still in for a treat.

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