Six Ways Cats Can Bring You Closer to Nature

This post by Mark Miles in his “Mark All My Words” blog is just too beautiful to not share with everyone.

Mark All My Words

Since I was a child, I’ve loved cats.

As with most things, this was the result of many good experiences over the course of many years. I wasn’t — as most people assume me to be — a “cat person” from the day I was born. Rather, I became one with time.

And over the years I’ve had domestic cats(Felis catus), I’ve learned a variety of different lessons from them — lessons like the difficulty of catching squirrels, the importance of personal hygiene, and the joy to be had from scaring people senseless every now and then.

But beyond these mundane lessons, I’ve also come to a greater appreciation of nature. Of course, to reach this point, many other things had to be in place, including an outdoor environment, a cat, and my own willingness to learn. But with these in place, many lessons can be learned…

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