Buried in Novels? Donate Them!

It’s usually a rare novel we plan to reread, but what about all the others jammed into the shelves? As enjoyable as they might have been, they’re now merely a home to dust mites and spiders. Why not dust those books one last time and then make someone happy with them?

(Image by Yerson Retamal on Pixabay)

Being ill or disabled or old doesn’t mean a person is incapable of reading, so look around you. Nursing homes, retirement centers, assistive living facilities, rehab services, and children’s wards or hospitals are likely to be in need, and so are their residents. However, before you cart all those books into a facility, call them or go there to ask if they’d like to have books. If they aren’t interested (what a shame!), another place will be.

Don’t forget to sort through the books, matching them to their destination. You don’t want a horror story going to the children’s ward in a hospital, and you don’t want your child’s discarded first-reader books going to a retirement home.

3 thoughts on “Buried in Novels? Donate Them!

  1. Such a sweet idea! I also know from experience that they still love to color in adult coloring books and that helps pass the time and gives them wall decor too. 🙂


    • My husband took one batch of books to a nearby nursing home, and when he came back, he told me the person accepting them was close to crying because she was so pleased. In our busy lives, we often don’t notice the loneliness around us.


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