DIY Book-Style Kindle Case

A reason often cited for making your own Kindle cover is cost, but some truly nice covers are under $20. The real reason for doing it is that you love working with your hands, love the feeling of creating something all by yourself. Me too.

My favorite Kindle cover style opens and is held like a book, which leads to making a cover using a real book. The method is quite common, and whoever thought of it first has an ingenuity gene. Here are two links so you can see the basic concept:



Making several book-style covers for a Kindle Paperwhite, I learned from my mistakes and ran out of real books to destroy. Then I thought, why destroy any book at all? A hardback has a front cover, a back cover, and a spine. I set out to make it completely from scratch, and after two less-than stellar attempts, I had it figured out:

Its simple design and the fact that I can hold it like a book without the left side flopping around suits me perfectly. Warning: Do NOT use plaid. Trying to line it up so it doesn’t tilt one way or another causes indigestion.

If you’d like to make one for yourself completely from scratch, you can view or download a PDF with all the instructions:

DIY Book-Style Kindle Case Instructions

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